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Home Damage

If your home has damage caused by water, fire or mold it is time to act. Postponing could cause more damage to your home and poses a health risk to you and your family.

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Flooded Rooms Cleanup & Restoration

A flooded Area’s however common in households can be devastating and destructive to homeowners. This devastation is compounded as many homeowners finish their basements resulting in more damage when water enters the basement. Having water in your home no matter the amount is very serious as even the smallest amount of water not properly removed and dried can cause further damage to property and leave mold which can be toxic to the air you breath.

411 Restoration provides only the best in basement flood cleanup. Our certified and trained technicians with years of experience have all the needed expertise and equipment to fully remove any water in your basement. By doing so we remove any chance of further damage or mold to appear. Call Now For A FREE Estimate!

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Common Causes of Flooding

  1. Sump Pump Failure
  2. Plumbing Leaks
  3. Leaking Windows
  4. Foundation Leaks
  5. Poor Drainage
  6. Sewer Backup


Steps To Removing Water In The House

Below are a few important steps to take if you find that you are in need of flooded rooms cleanup. Please note that we recommend you hire a qualified water damage company to remove the water as doing it yourself can be dangerous.

  1. Don’t Step Into Or Touch The Standing Water: This is, even more, the case in finished basements as you could get electrocuted if the water get’s in contact with any electricity.
  2. Stop The Source Of The Water: If you can, stop the flow of water into your basement. Depending on the cause this can be done by shutting off the main water to your home.
  3. Quickly Call a Reputable Water Damage Company: With a flooded basement time is of the essence. Water causes a lot of damage when left unattended and gets exponentially worse as time passes. This is why we offer a quick 30 minute response time to ensure we are on site to remove the water as quickly as possible. If you choose a great restoration company then this is all you need to do as they will work with your insurance company and help you along the path of recovering your lost property. They do this by first:
    1. Remove the water both quickly and efficiently
    2. Dehumidify your room or basement thus removing all moisture in the air to helpfully dry your home and business
    3. Treat the effective areas so mold won’t grow and restore it back to like-new status.


Prevent Future Floods in Your house or business

  1. Address Drainage Issues
  2. Fill Foundation Cracks
  3. Seal the Basement
  4. Invest in a Quality Sump Pump
  5. Install Window Covers

If your house or business flooded once, there is a good chance that it will flood again. Cleaning up after a flood can be an incredible and costly undertaking, and this is likely an experience that you want to avoid dealing with in the future. With this in mind, you can take steps to prevent future floods. Common steps include sealing your basement, installing a sump pump with a backup generator, adding covers to window wells, installing gutters, grading the ground away from the home and more.

A flooded basement may be easy to overlook for some who rarely use their basement, but the reality is that it can be devastating to the home’s condition and value. Ideally, water extraction will begin at the first sign of a flood, and you will continue to walk through these steps to fully clean up after the flood. If you feel that the work is beyond your abilities, hire a professional to assist with the process.

Basement water damage can be cleaned up and dealt with in one to two days. If the task looks as if it is too much for you then call a professional company and they will take care of everything for you. Whichever way you go make sure your basement doesn’t stay wet and dirty that will be a death-trap beneath your home. Clean out the bacteria and prevent mold and other germs from growing. Clean your wet or flooded basement immediately.

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